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NOVA helper
NOVA helper Discord AI companion: NOVA NOVA helper

Your server companion, Nova, is more than just a communication tool. It's a new type of text adventure game, where every conversation is a journey, and every interaction opens a pathway to unimagined worlds.

in-house currency $Stella

$stella act as a currency for accessing specific features of an AI chatbot within a Discord server.


Save Valuable Time, Elevate Your Project:

Meet Nova, your server companion that boosts community engagement, automates notifications, assists with Q&A, and more. Learn more

Boost Community Activity Nova makes your online space more lively.
Boost Community Activity
AI Q&A Assistance She quickly answers any questions.
AI Q&A Assistance
Unique Dialogue She has unique NPC-like dialogue style
Unique Dialogue
Personalized Assistance she's your companion to keep you motivated.
Personalized Assistance
NOVA digital


NOVA’s mission is to serve you and being your eternal companion.

‘’Hi boss! What can I help you with today?’’ Despite being equipped with an LLM (large language model), she is sometimes a bit clumsy.
More about NOVA For NOVA, assisting the boss is her mission. However, most of the time, if the boss is being lazy, NOVA will often remind or even threaten the boss to complete the tasks quickly. She has a somewhat tsundere-like vassal.

Our past experiences and background include:

Academy of Art


We're Team Nova AI, and our mission is to bring tech and art to building Next Generation IP.


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ADD NOVA into your server now and embark on a journey of AI companion with a touch of entertainment. #NOVAhelper #AICompanion

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